An idea to put two decades of industry experience to good use came to fruition in 2017 when ex-colleagues Mark Chew and Yip Ren Kai came together to start their own sports media agency – Reddentes Sports.

With a strong emphasis on media broadcast rights, the two partners had a vision to help grow sports in Asia, beyond the realms of just media rights.

While broadcast rights will be the bread and butter of the agency, Mark and Ren Kai also want to help take sports teams, professional athletes and rising stars to the next level.

Another area Reddentes are invested in is Esports, with their collaboration with Team Flash. The agency will also be holding major Esports tournaments around the region to bring world-class Esports action to the fast-increasing fan base.

Every industry professional knows the top international sports entities are investing heavily in the Asian market and Reddentes wants to be there to bridge that gap and create new opportunities for brands and fans alike.


Reddentes is the Latin word for ‘Giving Back’ and that is exactly what the two partners have in mind. They have been blessed to achieve many career highs in the sports industry and are ready to put it all back into the mix and continue growing the sports industry to ensure longevity for generations beyond.

Starting an agency is never an easy ask for even the most experienced professionals, especially when it comes to sports in Asia.  With the agency vision and objectives set, Mark and Ren Kai wanted a logo to show a pathway to unlimited possibilities.

The two red doors bring that notion to life as the agency seeks to keep pushing forward and carve out new opportunities. When one door closes, another one opens. At Reddentes, there is no such thing as impossible.